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  • Need to kick-start a new idea or venture?  Want to clarify your plan or purpose?  Looking to tell a better story about what you do?

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    We are two experienced leaders with extensive experience of the arts, charities, and of working with young people. We met having founded and run three inspirational writing organisations for young people: Ministry of Stories in London, the Super Power Agency in Edinburgh, and 826 National in the US.

    Now we’ve joined forces to launch a new company which harnesses our shared backgrounds in creativity, storytelling and education.

    As well as being inspiring, engaging and fun, our work has real outcomes, whether you want to make better use of the talents you have, or secure support for what you want to do next.

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Stories are at the heart of everything we do. They’re how we understand ourselves and our relationship with the world. They are an essential part of how we communicate, build ideas and create change.

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Whatever stage your story is at, if you’re an individual, charity or business, browse what we have to offer and get in touch …

  • Starting up a new idea or flying solo can be hard. We know because we’ve done it ourselves. Our guidance will help you chart the best way forward …

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  • With increasing competition for funding, how do you tell your story, stay true to your mission and keep it all on the road? Using our experience of managing and leading charities, there’s a range of ways we can help you …

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  • Creativity is now seen as one of the most essential qualities to business success. Harness your team’s creativity by working with us …

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